Septic Systems Explained

Conventional Septic System

The septic system is designed to dispose of waste. The process begins in the septic tank where the waste water separates and the bacteria in the septic system works to decompose solid waste. When the system is operating effectively and with regular septic tank pumping, a conventional septic system meets the needs of most families.

The bacteria in the septic system converts waste to liquid and gas in the septic tank. When liquid builds up in the septic tank, it reaches the outflow pipe and enters the drain field. As the water enters the drain field, the water is absorbed in the soil and microbes eliminate any remaining waste.

In order for a conventional septic system to function properly, the right conditions must be present. If the soil conditions won’t support a septic system or the lot is too small, an alternative system may be used. Depending on the conditions, the alternative system can include specialized tanks, drain field, pumps, or other features.

Is your septic full? The bacteria in the septic system won’t be sufficient to break down all solid waste and this waste will build up in the tank over time. Regular septic pumping is essential to eliminate the solid waste build up. Lack of maintenance is responsible for many incidents of septic failure and many problems can be prevented with regular septic pumping.

A failing septic system is an environmental hazard as contamination of surface and ground water can result. Regular cleaning of the septic tank is recommended to prevent these problems.

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Aerobic Septic System

Aerobic treatment systems are on-site sewage treatments that use forced air to treat wastewater and surface application or drip irrigation to disperse the treated wastewater.

We pump aerobic treatment systems to ensure that they always run smoothly. You should have your system inspected on a regular basis, but the need for pumping depends on the size of your family, tank size, and water usage.

Pumping your septic tank is the single most important thing you can do to protect the long term health of your system, so give us a call for a simple inspection to see if your system needs pumping.

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